Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why Pacifism Is Not a Christian Virtue

A lot of people today and throughout history think and have thought that Pacifism is the duty of a Christian. We are not to fight, we are not to struggle, we are to love others and follow the Commandments of Christ.

Sounds good. If only that was the world we live in. 

Pacifism is, at its root, a trick by the devil to get Christians into bad trouble. 
I'll say that again, if you didn't hear me. 
Pacifism is, at its root, a trick by the devil to get Christians into bad trouble. 

Yeah, you heard me. 

There is a time and a place for submission to the proper authorities that God has set over us. But nowhere in Scripture is pacifism a virtue. 

And before you get started on Christ and "being led as a lamb to the slaughter" let me tell you something: There is a vast difference between meekness and pacifism. Christ was meek in his power. He knew what had to be done, He knew what the Father had commanded. And so He did it, and allowed Himself to be crucified. That wasn't pacifism. That was meekness, obedience to the Father, and love for mortal man. 

If Christ had been a pacifist, He wouldn't have overturned the tables in the temple. He would not have spoken so strongly against the Pharisees and the sinful Jews. He told his disciples that in the future, they must carry swords. (Metaphorical or physical). He was far from a pacifist, my friends. 

The devil has introduced pacifistic theology into the hearts of Christians for a long time. He uses it to weaken us, to destroy our resolve to fight the Father of Lies. 

When you have a pacifistic Christian, you have a Christian who is afraid to speak out against sin, or they are misguided in their speech. 

We have only to look at the greatest heroes of the Bible to know that God did not intend us to be pacifists. Throughout the Old Testament, men were warriors of God, and warriors of men. 

In the New Testament, we have men and women fighting a spiritual battle, unafraid of the physical, in order to spread the Word of Jesus. 

Physical confrontation and fighting in our world is an ugly thing. It truly is. But we cannot be afraid of it. In the name of submissiveness and meekness, men have let their families be raped, tortured, and killed. 

I for one will not allow it. I will die taking the enemy with me should anyone approach my family, whether it be my home family or my church family. I will die before anyone harms a hair on their head. And God have mercy on the one that tries. 

Pacifism weakens the church. It weakens Christians. When we are afraid to fight, we are afraid to stand up for what we believe. 

We are called as Christians to wield not only the plow of growth and knowledge in Christ, but to also wield the sword of holy war against evil and sin in this world. 

Do not be afraid of this task. 

Stand up and be men and women of Courage and Strength in the face of dark times. 



MikeSnow said...

"Stand up and be men and women of Courage and Strength in the face of dark times."

As did the early Christians and faithful witnesses through the centuries. http://christianpacifismblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/early-christians-and-the-sword/

Some of your examples seem to result from confusing two un-related words, pacifism and passive, e.g. Jesus in the Temple.

C.H. Spurgeon certainly passes your test of courage and strength http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

Observer* said...

Most Awesome*